Sunday, January 13, 2008

8 tips to optimize Adsense Revenue

Optimizing Google Adsense is a very important topic. When I first introduce Adsense to one of my website I had around 200 page impressions per day with zero clicks. Then I was able to get some clicks by changing ad type and colors. But my CTR was very low(0.1%) . So I earn US$ 0.01 per click. But later I did more research and change my banner setting and my CTR increase to 8% and earning increased accordingly.

So If you want to earn from Adsense it is compulsory to do a optimization. Otherwise you will not able to earn something even for a coffee.

I would like to give you some tips to optimize Adsense.

Select the Google Adsense Ad type that fits your design best - and gives the best CTR.
Following formats are said to have higher CTR.
• Skyscraper 160x600 with text ads.
Placement: Left or Right side
• Big Rectangle 336 x280 with text ads.
Placement: Top or Middle

But you have remember that you site is unique. So you have to continue in changing layouts to identify what formats are performing for your setup.

Bending color scheme that fits the design of your pages. This is very important.
Users may not like to click on Adsense links if they feel those are not part of the site content. So you have to make user feels that Adsense is part of the page contents. For example if your site background color is white you can use Adsense banner without a border. You can use your site link color same as Adsense title color

"Here simple rule is Adsense should not be an alien to the site."

[3.] Create content rich keyword rich website. Then Googlebot will able to serve you with highly contextual ads ultimately increases your CTR.

SEO (search engine optimization)
• Use a METATITLE, that defines what each page is about.
• Use METATAGS, to define the keywords that match your page content.
• On the first line of the page, give a descriptive title of your page in tags.
• Try to avoid using top navigation, use left navigation instead.
• Always create a robots.txt file.
• Remember to create a sitemap file.
• Use Google webmaster tools and identify what keywords are serving your site better.

[5.] Optimize your website for high paying Adsense keywords.You can make a big difference in your Adsense income if you can identify higher paid keywords. Google Adsense clicks varies from 0.00 to several dollars per click. But here there is something you have to think first before chasing for keywords. Your site content should match with keywords. Otherwise it will damage site’s content and reduces your CTR. If your site contents are really connected to higher paid keywords you can earn more from Adsense. There are several tools available on the net to identify higher paid keywords. Do a Google search.
Please, always remember to write your content for your readers not for Adsense, since this can result in having your Adsense account terminated, and all your earnings will be lost

[6.] Increase website traffic of your site.
Increasing website traffic is the basis to earn from any advertising program. But you have to keep in mind that you have to increase correct traffic.
There may be three traffic sources:
(a) Direct
(b) Referral
(c) Search Engines
Generally users who comes from search engines will click on your ads if ads are relevant. But returning visitors and direct visitors may not click on ads. Specially technical visitors and bloggers are not generally clicking on ads. So do a study to identify who clicks your ads. You should increase traffic that could increase hits otherwise you CTR will reduce and revenue will be reduced.

[7.] Use Google Adsense Adlinks on your site.
This new type of Google Adsense Ads, have a different layout and function that the usual Adsense ads. When you add Adsense Adlinks to your WebPages your visitors will be presented with 4-5 links. Each link represent what google determines to be the most relevant keyword for your site. Since this a new format users may not identify this as an ad. So your CTR will increase.

[8.] Use Google Adsense site search.
Why don’t to implement Google Custom search to your site or blog. User users will be able to search directly on Google from your site. Besides providing a search field, you will also have the added benefit that the search result page displays Adsense ads. Any clicks on these Ads, will be counted as clicks created from your website, and can thereby potentially increase your Adsense income.


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Great tips. I will try those. Thanks

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thanks for the tips. very simple but effective ways to increace adsens earnings.