Thursday, January 3, 2008

How Adsense has changed internet behavior.

There were lots of advertising methods prior to Adsense. Google themselves had Adword campaign to display text advertisement on their search pages. But placing Google ads on someone else’s website had a revolutionary effect on Web.

One of the main challenge faced by a web marketer is getting advertisements to place on their web site. They have to launch proper marketing campaigns to find correct sponsors. It’s a timely and hardy process.

But after introduction of Adsense, publishers no longer need to launch campaigns to find advertisers for their website, Google will do it for them. All the hard work will be done by Google so publisher should only worry about his site traffic.

So lots of small and medium publishers are benefiting from Google Adsense but advertisers who already have their ad campaign may not fully benefited by the program.

If we consider advertiser aspects, what advertiser really expecting is traffic. Not just traffic, traffic which can convert to sales. As long as his objective is satisfied he will be happy. He may not worry about where his advertisement will display.

But there are some known disadvantages of the program. One of the main disadvantage of the program is indirect promotion of garbage and spam sites. Some webmaster are creating spam sites just to collect Adsense income. So overall quality of the web may decrease.

Google has attracted lot of other competitors due to the success of their Adsense program. Yahoo and Msn will soon launch their worldwide ad network to complete with Google. This will make a big difference in marketing strategy of web including Google.

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