Monday, January 14, 2008

Five reasons not to use Link Units.

As I describe in previous post Link units are form of text advertising offered by Google adsense, When user clicks on this link a list of Adwords page will load. If user clicks any link on the resulting page you will generate income.

As this method is new and does not contain general ad format visitor’s may click on the link.

I would like to highlight few reason as to why you should not implement link units to your site or blog.

(1) It takes 2 clicks to earn from it. After clicking first link user may not click on result page. Sometimes user may close the browser and stop viewing your site anymore. Some user with little internet knowledge may think that all your site links are like result page. Your site loyalty and page views may effected.

(2) Readers generally likes to find information from single click. He may not like to end up with another link page.

(3) Since a link unit does not contain any description about the URL, user cannot get quick idea about the link.

(4) They are too deceptive, giving the impression that other links may also result to the same ads and could eventually discourage readers not to click on links anymore. If user was not happy with his first click results he will never click again as he knows that he will end-up with same link page. (It happened to me I came across with link units for the first time.)

(5) If any user who is frequent to your site will see almost same ad link which is already immune to him.

But please remember that there are two sides for every matter. For example some users may expect list of links to visit and collect more information. So he will happy to see this ad unit and outputs lot of clicks to your bucket.

So please remember you have to analyze details as per your case. Sometimes this method may suit your needs. After all Google will never introduce something if it is not productive.

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