Monday, January 14, 2008

What is Adsense Link Unit ?

Most of people knows what Google Adsense ad units are. But some people may not familiar with Link units. Purpose of this article is to discuss about Link units.

Link units are also contextual targeting. User may taken to list of adwords advertising page when clicking on Link units.

This is Google Description on Link units :
Link units are a new form of text advertising that we’re offering to our AdSense publishers. Using the same contextual targeting algorithm that targets Google ads to your content pages, link units display a list of topics that are relevant to your page. Each topic, when clicked, brings the user to a page of related advertisements.


(1) Did I get paid when user clicks on link unit ?
No. But if user clicks any link on adwords site you will be paid.
(2) Where I can place link units?
More focused contents where visitors are searching for information on specific subject.
Small areas where you have free spaces.
(3) Can I add Links units other than standard ad units ?
Yes, you may place up to three link units on a page, in addition to the three standard ad units
and two search boxes you're permitted to display. Just make sure the page complies with
Google program policies

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