Monday, January 14, 2008

Using Adsense Competitive Ad Filter to increase Google earnings.

I think all you have experienced Adsense with 0.01 dollar clicks. One reason for this is your CTR is low and because of Adsense smart pricing you are getting lower amount. But another reason for this is MFA sites and low CPC sites.

What are MFA sites ?
MFA stands for Made For Adsense. You may notice that there are lots of MFA sites around the web. This is where Google Adsense website become Google adword advertiser. So some MFA sites fix low CPC for their adwords.

That’s the theory. Now we can see how to identify and remove MFA sites from our Adsense account.
We need two tools for this task.
(a) Adsense Competitive Ad Filter
(b) ( There may be lot, Do a Google search ..Let me know.. ) is a website which has online free tool to generate list for MFA and Low CPC of Google advertiser.

Ok now follow these steps.

1. Go to
2. Register free and log in
3. Go to ‘My Account’ ->’Add New Domain’ . Now add your domain and follow instructions
4. Go to ‘Generate Filter List’ and follow instructions
4. MFA and Low CPC list will be displayed.
5. Copy all and insert to Google AdSense Competitive Ad Filter [MAX 200 URLs per 1 Google AdSense Account]

You are done now. You can expect 20% increase of your Adsense revenue.

Please keep me updated on your success.

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