Friday, January 18, 2008

Why Adsense alternatives ?

There may be lot of reasons you to consider Adsense alternatives. I would like to explain some of them to support you to get a better start. My main objective of this site is to discuss in detail about Adsense alternatives.

Few reasons to consider Adsense Alternatives :
(a) You are not accepted to Adsense program.
Sometimes Google may not accept your application for Adsense program. So now you have to consider using Adsense alternatives.

(b) Your account banned by Adsense
Your account may ban by Google due to various reasons. Generally it may be due to invalid clicks or breach of Google TOC.

(c) Adsense may not give you enough revenue
Adsense use smart pricing(No one knows the formula) which is depending on your site impressions, CTR and ECPM, etc. So it may not work well for you.

(d) You want to earn some additional revenue while keeping Adsence.
Sometimes you may decide to add some other advertiser to the same site without breaking Google TOC.

(e) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
This is a very important lesson we have to learn everyday. You may have Adsense account with hundred sites generating thousands of dollars. But what will happen if your account ban by Google for any reason. You will loose all your income. So don’t think to keep one advertiser just considering profitability factor only. Profitability is not the only issue you have to consider.