Friday, January 4, 2008

What is accidential clicks ?

Accidental click may occur when web master clicks on his own ads accidentally when he tries to click on some other link of his site. Some publishers have placed their ad units so close to clickable content that users accidentally click on the ad instead of the site content.

But this type of ad placement may not violate Google program policies but increases the risk of invalid clicks.

So Google recommends maintaining sufficient distance between your ad and any element of the page.

Google has changed their text ads slightly to help reduce accidental clicks. In the past, users could click on both the background and full text of an ad, but now they can click only on the title and URL of a text ad. By allowing users to click only on the ad title and URL, accidental clicks may be reduced. But some publishers have noticed a reduction of Adsense income due to this slight change.

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