Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why join Adsense ?

You may wondering whether you should join the Google Adsense program or not. However, if you have some free ad space on your website(s) and you want to earn some extra cash from it, you should certainly consider joining Google Adsense.
Some times you may find it as a very easy and stable income source for you. I would like to highlight few reasons for you to consider joining Adsense.
• You don’t have to worry about changing ads or selecting categories Google will handle everything.
• Google adsense serves non intrusive ads, compared to popins, popouts, floating ads etc.
• Display well written content related advertising, that will match your site topics.
• Save time finding advertisers for your ad space.
• No programming skills needed. Average internet user can easily implement Adsense.
• You can change the colours of the adsense ads displayed, so that they fit your current site layout.(Blending options)
• Google adsense serves the best ads for your pages from over 150.000 AdWords advertisers.
• Google adsense is easy to join, most websites with original content gets accepted.
• If you can earn from Adsense you may surely get paid. You know for definitely its not a scam.
• Adsense payment scheme is the best among the other CPC ad market.
• Adsense provide simple and easy to understand stats.
• You can filter 200 URLs, so you can block your competitor ads or any ads not reaching your standard.

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